Monday-Minute Topics

Bring Monday-Minute to Your Next Event! Here’s some of our Monday-Minute Topics Covered!

Ken Freeman is prepared to bring to your center banquet, volunteer training or national conference inspiring, passion-filled presentations about issues that your center leadership faces. Monday-Minute Topics include:

Using Technology to Reach Your Clients

How to Mobilize Your Silent Auction
How to Take Your FundRaising Events Online
How to update your website to improve your ranking and results
How to write copy that sizzles
How to reach clients on Twitter
How to reach volunteers on Facebook
How to put your sites on the Cloud

After Abortion Recovery Training

How to help the client break through denial
How to help the client forgive others
How to help the client get past “I can’t forgive myself”
How to help men in recovery

The Cause:

Why this center is worthy of your support
Abortion is the apex between heaven and hell
Saving the unborn from the mouth of Satan
Fund life because it matters
The Economic Loss Caused by Abortion
Entitlement and Abortion
How the other side lies
Rescue those being led to slaughter
How NARAL promotes the end of children and all prolifers

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