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Across the United States and Canada, limited medical pregnancy resources employ nurse managers., just like your local pregnancy center, has pregnant women visiting us regularly. Thousands have requested free appointments.

Thousands more have visited our information blog, ASK AN EXPERT!

 We are launching a new live request program called ASK A NURSE where she will be able to complete a short form and ask questions to a nurse.

Just as we now screen incoming requests for appointments, the office will screen Ask A Nurse requests.

This ensures you never receive spam. Instead, when you join our list, you too will be asked to complete a form below to identify your locale and local center that you work with.

This way, we will be able to better match the requestee to the nurse nearest her, once enough nurses join our mail list.

How it works: is a secure site and the form we use for her request will not provide personal medical history or anything covered by HIPAA.

The common questions will be guided by a pull-down menu so that the most she can do is make a comment or question. Questions like:

How can I obtain a pregnancy verification with Ultrasound?
What must I do before receiving an ultrasound?
What is an Ultrasound?
Is ultrasound safe?

Of course, as a nurse manager participant, you are invited to add to this list of questions. You will receive her name and email and city/state that she is in. Your reply by official center email (not personal email) will further brand your answers to your local center.

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